About Us

We are Dean & Leigh Brandt the owners of BodyByBrandt Fitness ltd.


The Company was Officially started in 2010 after Leigh won the first IFBB Bikini Pro card in Canada. 


Dean Closed his Supplement store in Lougheed mall and Leigh left her long time job to fully commit 100% to owning and operating our own private facility. Specializing in Body Transformation, strength, Conditioning, meal planning, nutrition and Contest prep services. 


In 2016 we moved to our now 4000sqft facility at 1100 Lansdowne drive Coquitlam, where we operate our private gym and Natural Supplement company, TotalBodyHealth


Fitness is our purpose & passion and we want to share that with you! 


​We have the most passionate, motivating and inspiring trainers and staff to help teach you, inspire you and motivate you to become your best. Both physically and mentally.  

We may be well known for our successful competitive fitness teams, but what you may not realize is that during the week we are working with regular, everyday clients like yourself looking to change their lifestyle to shape up, get fit and learn healthier habits to get into the best shape of their lives. 

Our Mantra: 

Inspire, Train, Motivate, Educate.

We strive to Inspire and motivate others to become the best versions of themselves by educating them on the importance of proper nutrition and training.  


Yours in health & Wellness, 

Dean & Leigh Brandt 

            B3 TEAM


Whether you simply want to get healthier, shape up, transform your physique or train for a fitness competition!  We have the tools to help you get there!


We offer: 1-on-1 training, contest prep, meal plans, supplement programs with nutrient timing, men's & women's classes, fat testing, + more! 

Our Elite Trainers include: Owners Dean & Leigh Brandt, Lisa Allan, Mary-Anne Hanson, & Pamela Sparks . We bring years of experience and are specialized in areas such as: Body Transformations,Metabolic Fat-Loss Training ,HIIT Training, Crossfit, TRX, Kettlebells, Tabata, Glute & Leg Bikini body Training for women, Spin, CORE, Boot Camps, Online Training, Weight Management, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Changes. 

            B3 STORE


Training and Exercising is only 50% of the Equation. The most important factor is what you fuel your body with! BodybyBrandt programs offer meal plans and recommended supplement packages for optimizing your time in the gym - just like our mission statement: "Inspire-Train-Motivate-Educate".

Educating our clients on proper nutrition, and making better lifestyle choices, ensures you will make lasting changes to your overall health & Fitness. 


The BodybyBrandt Fitness Centre offers a 300sqft Retail Nutrition Store in our main entrance! We have a wide variety of the industry's leading brands, to fuel your body pre, during and post workout! 


We also Carry Lorna Jane Active wear and BC Built Clothing. 

            B3 FACILITY


Dean and Leigh Brandt are proud to introduce their new 4000sq/ft BodybyBrandt Fitness Centre, located in the beautiful city of Coquitlam, British Columbia. In addition to a clean and professional exercise space, this facility also offers a selection of fitness clothing, sports supplements, and vitamins in the 300 sq ft. retail store, located in main entrance!


With over 30 years of combined experience between Dean & Leigh. BodybyBrandt brings you an unrivaled fitness training experience. 


Contact us now to get into the best shape of your life!


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